Registration for Wings Over Willcox opens October 2, 2017. The festival will be held in Willcox, Arizona, at the Willcox Community Center, 312 W. Stewart St., on January 11th through January 14th, 2018.

If there are any problems or delays in your registration process or you have questions, please contact the Willcox Chamber of Commerce & Agriculture at 520-384-2272.

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Friday 01/12/18
NEW!! 7 Continental Breakfast   Remaining Tickets: 34
Meet at WCC:   5:30 AM  Return:   9:30 AM  $0.00   
Join the Wings Over Willcox crew and attendees for a complimentary Continental Breakfast at the Community Center. Donations accepted.

Trip Leaders: N/A  

8 Sunrise Sandhill Crane   Remaining Tickets: 30
Meet at WCC:   5:45 AM  Return:   10:00 AM  $30.00   
Watch Sandhill Cranes take flight as they begin their morning feeding. This incredible take-off is a must see. Local wildlife guides who track the flocks will provide the local location. Approximately ¾ mile of easy walking is required. The walking is along an unpaved road with possible uneven surfaces. Be prepared for a cold morning; prior to sunrise below freezing temperatures are possible. Bring a flashlight for pre-sun-rise walk. Beginner

Trip Leaders: N/A  

9 Day-Long Hawk Stalk   Remaining Tickets: 6
Meet at WCC:   7:45 AM  Return:   4:00 PM  $70.00   
Hawk experts will travel the length of Sulphur Springs Valley pursuing more than 15 species of hawks, eagles, falcons, and owls. Glimpses of javelina and mule deer may add to your viewing pleasure. Less than 1/2 mile of easy walking. Beginner to Advanced. Includes lunch, drinks, and rest stops

Trip Leaders: Richard Filley  

NEW!! 10 Naturalist Saunter to Fort Bowie   Remaining Tickets: 5
Meet at WCC:   7:50 AM  Return:   4:00 PM  $75.00   
Fort Bowie is rightly famous for its place in history as a nexus of the Apache Wars in the 1800s. For those primarily interested in Natural History its gems are even more noteworthy. Join Wildlife Biologist, Naturalist, & Wilderness Survival Instructor Vincent Pinto for a full day of Birding and Nature exploration of this hidden gem. Located where a number of biologically rich habitats converge, this National Historic Site boasts impressive lists of Birds, Mammals, Reptiles, & Plants. During our slow-paced exploration at the Fort Bowie youll have an opportunity to see some of the parks incredible diversity of Birds, the possibilities include: Golden Eagle, Peregrine Falcon, Montezuma Quail, Scaled Quail, Acorn Woodpecker, wintering Flycatchers, Woodhouses Scrub Jay, Cactus Wren, Bridled Titmouse, Juniper Titmouse, Rock Wren, Black-tailed Gnatcatcher, Bendires Thrasher, Curve-billed Thrasher, Crissal Thrasher, Wintering Warblers, and a wide variety of Sparrows. When the birds are slower, youll learn about how the Apache made use of the local plants, track wildlife, learn key Wilderness Survival Skills, and discover the parks unique geologic history. Other wildlife we may spot includes: Collared Peccary, White-nosed Coati, Mule Deer, and Rock Squirrels. You wont want to miss this Naturalist extravaganza at one of the premier natural destination in Arizonas famed Sky Islands! This trip is moderate to difficult with a roundtrip walking distance for the day of approximately 3.2 miles. The varying terrain is often rocky and will be steep in a few places. The pace will be slow to moderate. Sometimes icy conditions may be encountered. Wear weather appropriate clothing, comfortable hiking shoes, hat. Bring a day pack sufficient to hold your lunch and Large water bottles with several quarts of water

Trip Leaders: Vincent Pinto  

12 Agronomics in the Sulphur Springs Valley   Remaining Tickets: 14
Meet at WCC:   8:45 AM  Return:   3:30 PM  $45.00   
Willcox has an amazing agricultural industry. Travel with one of the area's life-long growers to various agriculture operations to see how food is grown in the desert. Willcox is home of varied agriculture products which include: chilies, grapes, pinto beans, dairy, corn, cotton, beef, pecans, pistachios, apples, tomatoes, and much more. This tour will let you see first-hand how much is produced in this valley as you visit some of these operations. Depending on what is in season and interests of the attendees, will determine where the tour takes you. Willcox is the 2nd largest producer of pistachios in the country, 80% of the wine grapes in Arizona come from Willcox and it is home to a 380- acre tomato greenhouse. The tour will wrap up with a visit to the Golden Rule Vineyard and Pistachio Orchard where wine tasting is an option at an additional cost. So join our amazing guide for an inside look at Arizona agriculture at its best. Approximately 3/4 mile of easy walking. Includes lunch, drinks, and rest stops.

Trip Leaders: Tedd Haas  

13 Stronghold & Sunsites Specialties   Remaining Tickets: 6
Meet at WCC:   8:45 AM  Return:   5:00 PM  $70.00   
This tour will explore the Dragoon Mountain’s Cochise Stronghold area for wintering species such as Montezuma Quail, Painted Redstart, Arizona and Acorn Woodpeckers, White-winged Dove, Juniper and Bridled Titmice, Spotted and Canyon Towhees, Western and Mountain Bluebirds, as well as a large variety of sparrows, raptors, and thrushes. A late afternoon drive through the Sunsites area will look for Scaled Quail, sparrows, and other birds. Approximately two miles of hiking with several stops. Intermediate to Advanced. Includes lunch, drinks, and rest stops.

Trip Leaders: N/A  

14 Winter Waterfowl   Remaining Tickets: 6
Meet at WCC:   8:50 AM  Return:   12:30 PM  $30.00   
This tour of Whitewater Draw will be an educational and recreational guided tour, highlighting the many wildlife residents and seasonal visitors in a wildlife viewing site. Whitewater Draw attracts both Central and Pacific flyway migrating waterfowl. Participants in the tour will see many visitors to Whitewater Draw which include several species of waterfowl. Whitewater draw is also home to wintering Sandhill Cranes, many upland birds, and even birds of prey. There are also several different mammals that inhabit Whitewater Draw and participants may be see varieties such as Javelina, Coyotes, Mule deer, and Desert Cottontails along with a variety of reptiles and amphibians. The tour will cover waterfowl identification, habitat, and conservation. Less than ½ mile of easy walking.

Trip Leaders: David Brown  

15 Wine Tasting Tour   Remaining Tickets: 26
Meet at WCC:   12:45 PM  Return:   5:00 PM  $35.00   
Willcox has become a premier location for vineyards and winemaking with 23 existing vineyards and 11 tasting rooms. This tour begins with a visit to the Aridus Wine Company offering the largest custom crush facility in Arizona. Learn about the art of winemaking and processing. Then take an expertly-guided tour of a working Arizona farm winery, with emphasis on viticulture, winemaking in Arizona and the enjoyment and appreciation of fine wine. Your guide will discuss the Arizona wine industry while walking the vineyard and enjoying wine together. Return to Willcox and stop in downtown Willcox for a visit to the tasting rooms of Aridus, Keeling Schaeffer and Carlson Creek. It will be a memorable event like no other! Each attendee will receive 6 wine tastings in downtown tasting rooms. Approximately ½ mile of walking at vineyard, crush facility and between tasting rooms on Railroad/Railview Avenue. Includes souvenir glass, 6 wine tastings downtown, and rest stops.

Trip Leaders: Dan Pierce     Dan Pierce    

16 Sunset Sandhill Crane Tour   Remaining Tickets: 20
Meet at WCC:   3:45 PM  Return:   6:30 PM  $30.00   
This tour will start will a circuit of Lake Cochise for late afternoon arrivals of waterfowl. Next stop will be a known roosting site as dusk begins to fall, with Sandhill Cranes coming in from the fields to spend the night. Approximately ¾ mile of walking is required along an unpaved, sandy road. Be prepared for cold temperatures as the sun sets and bring a flashlight for the return walk to the vehicle. Beginner.

Trip Leaders: Erv Nichols & Sandra Noll  

Featured!! 17 Wine Pairing Dinner   Remaining Tickets: 14
Meet at WCC:   6:30 PM  Return:   8:30 PM  $75.00   
Aridus Wine Company will host a wine pairing dinner. A wonderful meal served with award winning wines from right here in Willcox.

Featured!! 18 Hummingbird Seminar with Wine and Dessert   Remaining Tickets: 20
Meet at WCC:   6:30 PM  Return:   8:30 PM  $15.00   
Come enjoy a delicious dessert made from local products accompanied by wine tastings from several of our local wineries while learning about hummingbirds. Join birders and naturalists, Sandra Noll and Erv Nichols, to explore the secret lives of these remarkable little birds that inhabit a world largely invisible to us. This photo-rich program slows down the fast forward lives of hummingbirds! Once you have become familiar with the species, the focus will turn to hummingbird identification and the hummingbirds specific to the Sulphur Springs Valley.

Trip Leaders: Erv Nichols & Sandra Noll  


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