Registration for Wings Over Willcox opens October 2, 2017. The festival will be held in Willcox, Arizona, at the Willcox Community Center, 312 W. Stewart St., on January 11th through January 14th, 2018.

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Saturday 01/13/18
19 Continental Breakfast   Remaining Tickets: 30
Meet at WCC:   5:30 AM  Return:   9:30 PM  $0.00   
Continental Breakfast served in the Community Center by donation.

Trip Leaders: N/A  

NEW!! 21 Daylong Photography   Remaining Tickets: 6
Meet at WCC:   5:45 PM  Return:   5:30 PM  $100.00   
Spend time with wildlife photographers at Whitewater Draw and other southeastern Arizona sites, photographing Sandhill Cranes and other birds and wildlife. Less than 1/2 mile of walking. Begining, Intermediate to Advanced Photographers. Includes Snacks, lunch drinks and rest stops.

Trip Leaders: Linda & Mark Kline  

22 Birds on the Mountain   Remaining Tickets: 0
Meet at WCC:   6:15 AM  Return:   4:30 PM  $75.00   

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The border ranges of Cochise County are well known for both resident and migratory specialties. Birding en route, this tour swings 70 miles east of Willcox to world-renowned Cave Creek Canyon, and climbs up to this winter’s snowline (usually about 7,000’) in the high Chiricahua Mountains. The tour will look for regular Sierra Madrean residents, as well as less common specialties such as Montezuma Quail, Northern Pygmy-Owl, Blue-throated Hummingbird, Arizona Woodpecker, Juniper Titmouse, Mexican Chickadee, Crissal Thrasher, Painted Redstart, and Yellow-eyed Junco. Possible wintering birds from the Rocky Mountains include Williamson’s Sapsucker, Pinyon Jay (rare irruptive), Townsend’s Solitaire, and Cassin’s Finch, among others. Approximately one mile of easy to moderate walking with several stops. Beginner to Advanced birders welcome. Includes lunch, drinks, entrance fees to feeding areas and rest stops.

Trip Leaders: Bill Howard  

23 Day-Long Hawk Stalk   Remaining Tickets: 8
Meet at WCC:   7:45 AM  Return:   5:00 PM  $70.00   
Hawk experts will travel the length of the Sulphur Springs Valley pursuing more than 15 species of hawks, eagles, falcons, and owls. Glimpses of javelina and mule deer may add to your viewing pleasure. Less than ½ mile of easy walking. Beginner to Advanced. Includes lunch, drinks, and rest stops.

Trip Leaders: Tim Snow  

NEW!! 25 Traveling with the Sandhill Cranes   Remaining Tickets: 14
Meet at WCC:   8:30 AM  Return:   3:30 PM  $50.00   
Join crane experts as they take you on a field trip to experience “a day in the life” of a Sandhill Crane. This tour will focus on Sandhill Cranes with an introductory seminar, to gain information to enhance Sandhill Crane observation, followed by a field trip to observe these elegant birds feeding in the fields and socializing during their midday “loafing” session at Whitewater Draw. As a bonus, participants will receive a guided tour of Whitewater Draw’s ponds to observe waterfowl and other bird species overwintering there. This will be a relaxed tour with a slow pace covering about 1.5 miles total over flat terrain. Wear weather appropriate clothing, comfortable hiking shoes, and hat. Includes lunch and drinks and rest stops.

Trip Leaders: Erv Nichols & Sandra Noll  

26 Cochise Stronghold & Sunsites Specialties   Remaining Tickets: 7
Meet at WCC:   8:45 AM  Return:   5:00 PM  $75.00   
Explore the Dragoon Mountain’s Cochise Stronghold area for wintering specialties such as Montezuma Quail, Painted Redstart, Arizona and Acorn Woodpeckers, White-winged Dove, Juniper and Bridled Titmice, Spotted and Canyon Towhees, Western and Mountain Bluebirds, as well as a large variety of sparrows, raptors, and thrushes. Approximately two miles of hiking with several stops. Intermediate to Advanced. Includes lunch, drinks, and rest stops.

Trip Leaders: Richard Filley  

27 Texas Canyon Flora & Amerind Museum   Remaining Tickets: 14
Meet at WCC:   9:15 AM  Return:   4:00 PM  $45.00   
This tour combines the art and artifacts of the Amerind with the native plants of the high desert in scenic Texas Canyon. Situated at 4,600 to 5,500 feet above sea level in dramatic rock formations, this site is a place where several plant communities come together .Learn what plants grow together and why? There is something special about natural plant groupings that is often overlooked. Do the plants in these “guilds” have relationships with each other? On this field trip, within the context of bio-regions and micro-habitats, we will take a close look at flora morphology and communities around the Amerind Foundation in Texas Canyon. Plant identification and characteristics, ethnobotanical uses and recreating plant communities when landscaping will be discussed. The tour continues with a visit to the world-renown Amerind Museum. The museum exhibits tell the story of America’s first people from Alaska to South America and from the last ice Age to the present. The Amerind’s Art Gallery features works on western themes by such artists as Carl Oscar Borg, William Leigh and Frederick Remington. This tour combines the art and artifacts of the Amerind with the native plants of the high desert in scenic Texas Canyon. Approximately 1-2 miles of easy to moderate walking on dirt roads and with some short jaunts through grass and over rocks to see certain plants. Includes lunch, drinks and rest stops.

Trip Leaders: Mimi Camp  

28 Roper Lake & Dankworth Pond   Remaining Tickets: 15
Meet at WCC:   12:15 PM  Return:   5:00 PM  $45.00   
Roper Lake is located about 6 miles south of Safford, AZ and has been a State Park since the 1970’s. Roper Lake and Dankworth Pond are excellent places for bird watching. Species commonly seen are Gamble’s Quail, Redwing Blackbird, Yellow headed Blackbird, Great horned owl, Cardinal, flycatchers, Kingfisher, Mallard duck, Ruddy duck, Grebes, Egrets, Herons, Neotropic Cormorants, American Coots and Mergansers. Mammals commonly seen are bobcats, raccoons, rabbits, squirrels, and coyotes.

Trip Leaders: David E Brown  

29 Birding the San Pedro River and Huachuca Mountains   Remaining Tickets: 0
Meet at WCC:   6:30 AM  Return:   4:30 PM  $75.00   

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Join Bird Guide, Naturalist, & Wildlife Biologist Vincent Pinto for a full day of birding along the famed San Pedro River and the towering Huachuca Mountains. This in-depth exploration will initially take you to a number of varied birding hotspots within the San Pedro National Riparian Conservation Area. Habitats found in this amazing region include Cottonwood-Willow Riparian Forests, Mesquite Woodlands, Chihuahuan Desert, and varied Grasslands. In each unique environment youll seek a wide range of bird species such as Green Kingfisher, wintering Sparrows, a variety of Raptors, Scaled Quail, wintering Hummingbirds, Vermillion Flycatcher, and any local rarities. Later in the day well also visit several sites in the Huachuca Mountains, one of Arizonas Sky Islands, where Madrean Evergreen Woodland habitat promises new bird species, including Warblers, Montezuma Quail, and possible rarities, such as Elegant Trogon. This trip is moderate to difficult, owing to the total walking distance of approximately 4 miles, over varied, sometimes rocky terrain. Wear weather appropriate clothing, comfortable hiking shoes, hat. Bring a day pack sufficient to hold your lunch and Large water bottles with several quarts of water.

Trip Leaders: Vincent Pinto  

30 Chiricahua National Monument Beginning Birdwatching Stroll   Remaining Tickets: 18
Meet at WCC:   8:00 AM  Return:   11:00 AM  $25.00   
Join park biologist Helen Fitting for a 45 minute beginning birdwatching stroll along the Bonita Creek Loop Trail for all ages and abilities. The focus of this easy 0.2 mile (0.3 km) hike will include learning about how to identify birds by sight and sound, and as well as learning about bird habitat needs and preferences. We will meet at the Bonita Creek Parking Area which has an ADA compliant pit toilet. The curbs have been cut to permit access the cement loop trail which is nearly flat and wide enough to easily accommodate a wheelchair, walker, or stroller. Bring binoculars if you have them. A few loaner pairs will be available on a first come, first served basis. This loop around the picnic area is a good trail for grassland birds. Arizona whitetail deer are frequently seen in the lower portion of Bonita Canyon.

Trip Leaders: Helen Fitting  

32 Sunset Sandhill Crane Tour   Remaining Tickets: 25
Meet at WCC:   3:45 PM  Return:   6:30 PM  $30.00   
This tour will start will a circuit of Lake Cochise for late afternoon arrivals of waterfowl. Next stop will be a known roosting site as dusk begins to fall, with Sandhill Cranes coming in from the fields to spend the night. Approximately ¾ mile of walking is required along an unpaved, sandy road. Be prepared for cold temperatures as the sun sets and bring a flashlight for the return walk to the vehicle. Beginner. Includes rest stops.

Trip Leaders: Erv Nichols & Sandra Noll  

Featured!! 33 Birds of Southeastern Arizona and Why Arizona’s Sky Islands, and the Chiricahua Mountains, are Special   Remaining Tickets: 19
Meet at WCC:   6:30 PM  Return:   8:30 PM  $15.00   
Come enjoy wine tastings from several of our local wineries along with some tasty food (hors d'oeuvres, local food products & fruit), while learning about the Birds of Southeastern Arizona & the surrounding Sky Islands. We are fortunate that the natural world knows nothing of our political borders. Arizona just happens to contain some northern outliers, if you will, of the Sierra Madre Occidental of México. This range of mountains and its parallel range, the Sierra Madre Oriental, form the spine of northern México, separating east from west, the Gulf of Mexico watershed from the Sea of Cortez watershed. In this talk, we will explore the ecological and avifaunal links between the Sierra Madre of northern México and the Desert Sky Islands of Southeastern Arizona, with particular emphasis on the Chiricahuas. We will discuss the rare species of birds that have appeared there and some that may, in the future, be expected to occur.

Trip Leaders: Mark Larson  


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