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Wings Over Willcox 2023
Offers COVID-Cautious Guided Walks, Tours, and seminars

The 2023 festival will be a smaller-scale, COVID-cautious festival. Here is what we know so far. All of these are subject to updates as the festival approaches:

  • Tours will be in person, likely smaller groups than usual. All will be self-drive. You will meet the guide at the community center to caravan to your locations. Any indoor portions of the tour will require masks. Size of tours will be smaller and may be limited by the number of cars that can park in an area.
  • Seminars will be offered in person and we will require masks as these will be indoors.
  • There will not be a Keynote Banquet this year.
  • Nature Expo & Community Center will be open this year. Masks will be required inside.




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